25 July 2010

Sorry You Have To Read This


You can tell me all secrets but never will I blurt it out to people. Whether they are close or not. My lips are sealed. If I am such a sinner then who are you? People change because they grow up. It is never because of a long friendship. So DO tell me is it such a mistake that I take for you to judge me? Are you that perfect to tell people what you're made of. Keep your head straight and a positive mind, sister. You'll know the decision is wrong. Tell the world for once that you are wrong!

If you're unsatisfied with me, come face me up straight. I have no intention to hurt you. All the crap that's been happening is just a boundary you have to pass and carry on walking. Not to stop there and think what to do bla bla bla. If it takes you to have to break a wall then break 'em! And no turning back. After all, it's this path you chose. I forgive you.

And thanks.


hentakbelipat said...

pehh..buat besabar ye.hehe

Farihah Ahmad said...

aku wat salah pe tuhuwaaaaa T___T


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