01 January 2010

Cuba try test tengok

Assalamualaikum and hi all.

For those who read this,thank you BUT damn you are as unlucky as Azizah yang naik tangga lalu jatuh kemudian tangga timpa dia as I can sense that this post will be super cheesy and lame and no input whatsoever. Well, I don’t apply TQM (total-quality-management) in blogging so this is my first attempt, maafkan je lah okay hehehe.

I have been considering in creating my very own blog so that I can link with Hanis Zalikha and Anuar Kamaruddin and Kasih Aleeya and Nabieyl and Fatul and Mamat Khalid and and and plenty other A-list bloggers (rated by me) out there bhahaha. So here I come to share my piece of mind and insanity with anyone who care enough to well..READ it (-_-“)

REMINDER: expect nothing. NO EXPECTATIONS okay people. And feels free to drop stink bombs if you think that’s what I deserve of writing stinky post heeee.

I'm just approaching the beach and getting my legs burried under the wet sands. I need more time to be able to swim.

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